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Based on vision and mission of Prince Muqrin Chair of information Security technology, the fourth workshop titled “network security” was held on Sunday 20/1/1432, with contribution of two specialists in network security from the national university for science and technology in Pakistan Dr. Saied Ali Khaiam, and from Dallas University in USA Dr. Latif Al Rahman Khan. the workshop covered vital subjects in network security field which is of great importance due to the development in the internet usage and increment of its risks. 
Dr. Fahed Bin Turky Al Muhaya opened the workshop, welcoming participants and audience, wishing them success and benefit from the fourth workshop. 

Then, the workshop started with Dr. Latif Al Rahman Khan lecture. He spoke about the technical advantage of multi-level survey to detect malicious files and, as well he touched on the modern technique of (DLL) Dynamic link library and its modern applications, giving brief summary about the way of applying command chain collection on malicious programs. 
After short break, Dr. Saied Ali Khaiam spoke about theory of selection with natural analytical tools we use in designing a model and evaluating number of phenomena observed during the intrusion detection , and presented the results of researches findings about identifying the disturbances in the network traffic. 

On the last day, Dr. Latif Al Rahman Khan spoke introducing multi technical metods, multi algorithm scan, mentioning applications that include detecting malware and analysis of data packs.
Then, Dr. Saied Ali Khaiam spoke about an important Protocol, which is CAPTCHA), usually used in web pages, and its broad development, and usage in banking sector, called (E- Banking). Later he discussed some techniques that developed to break CAPTCHA. 
The workshop received support from Vice Rector for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research Dr.Ali Al-Ghamdi, who had a prominent impact in the success of the workshop and set up in record time who have.
At the end of the event coats were given to the guests, and photos were taken.