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With reference to the Chair mission and its vision in settling the Technology, and under sponsorship of King Saud University, Prince Muqrin Chair for information technology held third workshop titled: “encryption updates” for three days in King Saud university with participation of Prof. AbdulRahman  Al Gabri , associate Prof – Engineering faculty, and prof Kiteen Kaya from California Uni.
The workshop opened by speech of  Prince Muqrin Chair for information technology supervisor, who clarifies the importance of the issue, and its development on local and international levels, wishing the audience all the best.
Then Prof. Kiteen gave an overview about basic encryption technologies, encryption programs, attacks on encryption systems and countermeasures for these attacks.

Later Prof. Abdul Rahman Al Gabri spoke about encryption in various equipment, software, wireless communication system, RFIDs systems, intellectual property and forgering smart cards protection, and spoke as well about encryption programs, and presented a method to use them.

Finishing workshop, the two lecturers were honoured, and memorial photos were taken.

In the next two days, profs. Kiteen and Kaya held a training workshop which  met audience satisfaction.
The workshop was attended by a number of specialists from H.E ministry, Interior ministry, and the secretariat of Riyadh, General Auditing Bureau, the national information center, Riyadh police and military sectors of the air forces and strategic Rocket force and general intelligence.
Dr. Fahed Turky Bin Muhayya – supervisor of Chair of Prince Muqrin  for information security technologies announced the success of the workshop, and expressed his deep thanks to HH Muqrin Bin Abdul Aziz for his support to the Chair, and to HE Dr. Ali Al Ghamdi vice president of King Saud for High Education and scientific research for supporting the Chair  and following up its activities.
It is worth mentioning that Prince Muqrin Chair for information technology has  a number of  distinct researchers and consultants in various fields in information security, and that it had published about 30 articles in many international trusted magazines and conferences, in addition to delivering  a number of consultations  to governmental and private bodies.