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Pleased to address my speech to all those who are interested in “information security and its technologies”. No doubt interest in this matter is not limited to the professional and scientific elite specialized in different information technology fields, but to all people, since all needs information security on personal level, and benefit from this security on national and international levels. With increased reliance on information Technology in various fields, and with rapid raising of information globalization and communication through internet, “information security” issue became a priority to protect the national and international security in this age.
The world of today in its preparation for tomorrow world seeks greater reliance on technology in general, and on “information and communication technologies” in particular; it strives to benefit from these technology in the best possible way . This is reported in the
“fourth goal” of the millennium summit goals which was held by UN in  2000 A.D as the world entered the third millennium. This indicates that the march of today’s world towards future, is a journey of supporting technical means for human service everywhere. We have to realize this, and prepare ourselves to play an effective and efficient role in this process, and not limits ourselves to receiver role, only senses its steps.
No doubt technical benefits do not come without any risks or problems, so if we were working to get the aimed benefits , we have to protect ourselves from potential risks, this matter has many dimensions in “information and its technologies” framework, simply because nowadays man’s life became closely related to it in different life fields either productive or services  ones. For example, technologies of designing, manufacturing and marketing different products have come to relay on information technology, as well, Governmental, educational, social, health care, and security services became dependent on information technology. We can see this clearly in e- expressions like: e – government, e- commerce, e – health care, e – learning, and various increasing internet applications….
Spreading of Information technologies, the expansion of their uses , and greater reliance on them, all are not limited to the general matters aforesaid, but also includes “various security issues in its broad perspective”.
This put the issue of information security at the forefront of the issues which deserve attention in various fields in general, and in security field in its broad perspective in particular. It is not wise for this concern to come when facing the challenges of this security, but should be done proactively: to be prepared for it, and planning to confront it, for when such challenges appear, Allah forbid, solutions are ready  to confront them and taking apart  possible  risks.
No doubt, successful and organized “scientific research” is the best way to have the proactive aimed solutions . Depending on what have been mentioned, I find out the need of establishing research Chair in “information security” field, and I put three main dimensions for work:
-One for information security education in our precious country,
-One relates to scientific research, and participating in finding  suitable, and proactive innovative solutions for information security problems,
-One relates to knowledge sharing and communication in this regard on national and international level. Concurrent with this orientation the blessed future process led by the guardian of our dear country: Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, may God protect him, and his Crown Prince His Royal Highness Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz, may God protect him, and Second Deputy Prime Minister and His Royal Highness Prince Nayef bin Abdul Aziz May Allah protect Him.
I have chose King Saud university, our mother University, as a privileged place for this Chair. This university with its potentials, expertise, renewed vision, and the management methodology it applies depending on cooperation and partnership, presents the hope of the aimed output of this Chair .
We hope this Chair enriches the culture of information security, build unique knowledge base to protect the security of our dear country, and to contribute through this in protecting overall national security in a broad sense.
We are looking for this Chair to be national beacon in providing scientific research and studies in the areas of information security technologies that can provide good for human wherever he is.
Allah greants success
Muqrin Bin Abdul Aziz