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In the framework of joint cooperation between King Saud University and Saudi Telecom, a delegation from the university headed by Dr. Abdul Aziz al Rowais the provost paid a visit to Saudi Telecom. Among the delegation was the supervisor of Prince Muqrin Chair for information security technologies with a number of Chair members. At their arrival was HE vice president of the net sector Dr. Ziad bin Thamer al Otaibi where a workshop had been held, offering presentation about company orientations in technology field and future plans; the workshop discussed as well strengthening cooperation methods and establishing high level teams from two sides, taking the responsibility of studying cooperation fields to serve the aims of scientific research. Then the delegation visits network control center where he briefed on work process, the used  modern Technologies , and the ways to resolve operational failures. As well, the delegation briefed on the lab of research and development, and the modern equipment in the center, which reflects the improved technologies existed in the network. This visit come within the activities of Prince Muqrin Chair for information security technologies to communicate with national Companies and continuation of national company mission in social responsibility field starting from Chair targets and orientations.