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Prince Muqrin Chair Hosts the Visiting Scholar Profesor Ktn Kotch

Received the Director of King Saud University Professor Dr. Abdullah al-Othman Wednesday morning 4 Rajab/1431h visiting Professor Dr.Ktn Kiya Koch, the cryptography Professor in computer science department in University of California Santa Barbara, and was among those who attended the interview, the Vice President for graduate studies and Research Dr.Ali Al-Ghamdi, and the Supervisor of Prince Muqrin Chair for information security techniques Dr.Fahd Turki Bin Muhaya. 
Dr.Ktn Kiya Koch was in  host of Prince Muqrin Chair (PMC) for information security techniques to attend the workshop on Cryptography which held last week at the Faculty of computer science and information, and participation of selected experts and specialists. 
And his Excellency the director of the university underscored the importance of contributing to give scientific information security techniques and the area of encryption is critical areas and job security of homeland which no doubt, its and their cooperation with international expertise will contribute to knowledge transfer and technical settlement in this area come home needs, aspirations and ambitions of the Governors. And his Excellency the director had commended the efforts of the Prince Muqrin Chair of information security techniques and stressed that the work of the Holy in support of development programmes and national security.