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The chair strive to achieve the following targets within the framework of the aforementioned strategy principles:
Awarness and raising sense of security: this includes educating citizens about the importance of information security and raising their security sense.
-Collect information and prepare studies and researches: done Through tracking what is happening in the developed countries in this area, preparing field studies about requested future directions in all security fields.
-Activate communication between security experts and enhance their role: through stimulating security experts, activate networking and cooperation,  promote their active role in protecting national gains, and achieve national information security.
-Cooperation and partnership in security fields: through establishing security partnership between local organizations works in this area and international organizations leading to integration and increased efficiency.
-Building scientific and national base specialized in information security: this includes building advanced labs equipped with latest scientific technologies to conduct specialized researches which contribute in turn in building global reputation, and achieve partnership in global scientific outlets.
-Providing consultation in information security: taking advantage from all a.m activities in providing recommendation to governmental and private bodies on scientific basis.    
World witnesses nowadays a technical revolution in different life areas. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is seeking in the next stage to transfer to knowledge society depending mainly on intensive usage of information technologies, of modern means of communication which start spreading in all sectors: computers, internet… Saudi government aims as well to activate e- government  project, reliance on e- business, and encouraging e- commerce. In this regard, security obsession considered as the main challenge that face the rapid development in this field. Here appeared the need of supporting national scientific centers specialized in information security. Believing in this, His Royal Highness prince Muqrin Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud supports the research chair specialized in information security which targets to serve national security in all its fields, to  create scientific national environment suitable for outstanding scientific researches related to information security, and to transfer and resettle knowledge  through strategic relationships with international research centers.

The Chair will hold scientific conferences, educational seminars, and workshops to spread security awareness inside Saudi society. As well, research team supervised the chair will provide scientific researches and technical consultations for all governmental and private authorities in purpose of establishing specialized national scientific benchmark, that  could be relayed on in future to protect technological gains of Saudi society. The chair, also, supports the private research projects related to information security  to create national scientific base specialized in this field.

Since the supervisor of this chair is proud of this mission, he realizes the great responsibility, hoping to create an effective partnership between scholars, researchers, citizens and decision makers for the success of this monumental work, and achieve its target with Allah will.