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The Chair based on six main strategy principles, through which it achieves its mission, and meets its vision.
Hereunder presentation includes definition for major aspects1 of each.
1-3   First strategy principle : “national commitment”
The Chair considered as part of the national matrix, adhere to its religious, cultural , economical, social, and human commitments. The chair sees information security as one of the major security means in its completed picture, and as an essential requirement for advancement and achieving national development, and a key tool for its aimed sustainability and permanent giving.

2-3   Seconed strategy principle: “knowledge communication”
The Chair interested in knowledge communication with others who deal with information security technologies. This communication includes distinct experts on different levels including: national level, gulf states level, Arabic and Islamic level, to reach the whole world.

3-3   Third  strategy principle:  “Excellency  in  knowledge production
Knowledge issues which are required to make researches in this fields includ: security of the essential technical structure; and security of communication and information networks structures , information security and related encryption subjects, in addition to information security management, taking international criteria of information security into consideration whenever it is possible.

3- 4  Fourth strategy principle: “distinction in implementing knowledge”.
Distinction in providing productions and services includes following up knowledge offered by the previous principle, and seeking to implement it in providing productions and services that enhance information security, and could be used locally and marketed internationally.

3- 5  Fifth strategy principle: “qualified and aware human”.
The Chair seeks to raise awareness of human in information security issues, and educating him so as to improve his behavior in dealing with problems that may encounter him. As well, the Chair is working on rehabilitating specialists in information security fields through training courses, and high education programs in the Uni.

3- 6  Sixth strategy principle: “continuous follow up”.
The Chair concerned in following up the activities related to the previous principles, and focuses on putting benchmarks and indicators for them, so they could be used periodically to measure performance and direct towards active and integrated development for all activities enabling achieving Chair mission, and aimed vision.