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Welcome to King Saud University (KSU), the leading, knowledge-sharing university in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). KSU focuses on the highest quality of education, research and entrepreneurship in order to prepare graduates for a brighter future. This is being accomplished through the development of their skills and talent, as well as the cultivation of students' enthusiasm for life-long learning, which will help them in their path to becoming future leaders of the Kingdom and invaluable agents of knowledge.
KSU aims to disseminate and promote knowledge in Saudi Arabia, widening its base of scientific and literary expertise, maintaining a competitive edge with other nations in the fields of Arts and Sciences, and contributing to discovery and invention. In addition, King Saud University strives to contribute to the revival of academic and scientific excellence of Islamic civilization and the articulation of its benefits and glories.
I believe that KSA has never needed KSU as much as it does now. Universities are no longer confined to simply generating educated and capable professionals. The proper role of universities in the 21st century is as an agent of knowledge, which includes concepts of knowledge acquisition, creation and transfer, as well as fostering a strong culture of innovation. These are the four essential pillars of developing and sustaining the knowledge-based, innovation-led economy of nations. Hence, KSU is committed to becoming a breeding ground for innovation and creativity, which shall be done by focusing on a qualitative education system, building the creative and innovative capabilities of KSU through concrete and persuasive policies, and proven practices for students, scholars and faculty.
I can say with certainty that at KSU, you will find the opportunities needed to learn, innovate and create. Indeed, King Saud University is an institution with outstanding diversity of students and faculty.
Finally, I am pleased to invite you to join us and discover for yourself the power of KSU’s educational experience.