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Dr.Fahad Bin Muhaya
-The Head of Management Information Systems department in Faculty of Business – King Saud University.
-Holds Bachalor’s degree in information systems from computer and information sciences college – King Saud University – 1996 A.D. 
-Gained Master Degree in information systems from Boston University USA 2000 A.D. 
-Gained Doctoral Degree in information systems from George Maison University USA 2005 A.D. 
-After Gaining Doctoral Degree, he was assigned in Al Imam University in computer and information sciences college 2005 A.D. 
-During this period he was assigned as a head of information systems Dep., and remained in this position till moved to King Saud University 2008 A.D. 
-Assigned in King Saud University, he established Center of Excellency in Information Security (COEIA). 
-Then he was assigned as vice president of COEIA, and supervisor of Chair of Prince Muqrin  for information security technologies -2008 A.D, and still supervisor of this Chair which considered The first Chair for information security in Middle east. 
-Consultant for number of governmental bodies, and private companies in formation security, as well, the Dr. is a member in number of scientific local and international associations, board member and founder of number of associations. 
-Dr. Muhya published number of scientific researches in trusted local and international magazines, he is an arbitrator for a number of conferences; he organized workshops in Saudi Arabia, and in some of global States in cooperation with international associations. He runs number of important activities in society service to spread education in information security.