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No doubt that the key element of success and discrimination in this age, age of development and technology, lies in getting deep knowledge and specializing in  distinct issues, useful  economically, socially and Humanely. In this sense HH Prince Miqren was and still ahead in this field. This was clearly presented in 1430 H. in his acceptance and support to the research Chair specialized in “information security techniques”, holds His name “Prince Muqrin Chair for information technology”. This Chair seeks serving national security, the major requirement for advancement which we look for, in all its sectors; as well it looks for competition and uniqueness in its vital field on both levels: national and international.
The Chair holds great responsibility, Since the great reliance on information technology either on Kingdom level or international level, became an essential characteristic of this era not only on individual or organizational level, but on States levels as well.
Applications of information technologies witness great expansion and development in various fields, which means more dependence on it in various life fields.
In this sense  we can see the importance of  taking "information security technologies" into consideration to protect transactions in all these fields from whatever threats it may face, including intended malicious threats, or/ and casual unintended incidents.
The Chair works on three dimensions:
-Scientific research dimension.
-Development of productions of a technology specialized in information security dimension.
-Providing specialized consulting through number of national and international experts.

As well, the chair targets to activate and use mental and knowledge activities of all national specialized capacities, and to provide the proper environment to achieve scientific production and knowledge giving.
National Human resource will be the cornerstone of Chair work in transferring, settling, developing and utilizing advanced information security technologies, and establishing global reference in the future.
Chair orientations depend on providing Human resources with great competencies, and establishing infrastructure comprehends advanced
Labs participate in achieving chair goals, not on short term only, but on long term as well. The Chair looks also to build effective capabilities during the coming years enabling  self finance through delivering consultants, designing productions, and registering patents for distinct inventions. This will not be difficult with strong will, Human capabilities, continuous support of the Rector and ongoing follow up from His Excellency the Vice President for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research especially when considering  information security technologies as a new field, no doubt it is an investment led by conscious, sincere  minds with our wise government support may Allah bless it.
Allah behind the Intent
Fahed Turky bin Muhaya