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-Born in Riyadh 1364 H. / 1945 A.D. He grow up under the guardianship of his father King Abdul Aziz Al Saud – may Allah bless his ground – under the patronage of education and chivalry loving family. He gained a number of educational and training certificates.
-Received Primary Education in the exemplary Al Asemah Institute, and after graduating he joined Royal Saudi air force 1384H./ 1964 A.D.
-He completed his studies of Aeronautics in Britain, graduated from it in 1388 H. / 1968 A.D.
-His Highness received advanced courses in training on fighter aircraft in Dahran Air Base, and served in the Air Squadron II for the period from 1390 H. to 1393 H. (1970 – 1973 A.D).
-HH joined Cycle trainers in Britain, then joined cycle of Staff in the United States in 1394 H. /1974 A.D, and obtained a Diploma, (equivalent to MA).
-HH was appointed Assistant Director of air operations, and Head of plans and operations in Saudi Royal Air Force in 1397 H./ 1977 A.D.
-Generous royal Decree was issued on 2/5/1400 (18/3/1980) appointing HH prince on Hael region since then he passed 20 years in this position.
-Generous royal Decree was issued on 16/8/1420 H. (24/11/1999) appointing HH prince on Al Madina Al Munawwara as successor to his brother HH Prince AbdulMajeed Bin AbdulAziz – may Allah bless his soul.
-ListeHH interested in astronomy, reading, culture, agriculture researches, in addition to the Technology applications, e- government applications, and Arabic poetry. He owns great library includes more than 10 thousand books, HH also chairs several boards and professional societies.Read phonetically