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National policy for Sciences and Technology in Saudi Arabia – which was admitted by council of Ministers – persists in finding the needed techniques to ensure its security and protection. National plan for communications and information Technology focuses on “raising communications network and information technology security level, and maintaining its Privacy”.

All needs information security on personal level and on national & international level. 
Considering unlimited communication range that became a reality with rapid information globalization through internet, “information security” became essential priority to protect national & international security in this age. In this sense came the initiative of His Royal Highness prince Muqrin Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, known by his future retrofit ambitious vision, to fund a research Chair in “information security technologies”  in King Saud University.  The Chair aspires to be interactive with the requirements of information security technologies on national level in one hand, and with scientific development of information security in the other; as well it targets to meet the vision of His Royal Highness prince Muqrin Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud presented in leadership and innovation in researches and developments of information security technologies.
The Chair works on three axis: 
-Scientific research axis 
-Development of productions of a technology specialized in information security. 
-Providing specialized consultations by number of national and international experts. 
As well, the chair targets to activate and use mental and knowledge activities of all national specialized capacities, in addition to provide the proper environment to achieve scientific production and knowledge giving. National Human resource will be the cornerstone of  the Chair work in transferring, settling, developing and utilizing advanced information security technologies, and establishing global reference in the future.